Are you Ready for the Cloud Revolution?

What exactly is ‘the cloud’ and can it really deliver on its promise to revolutionise the way we do business?

At Indigo Cloud, we believe it can. We developed the UK’s first fully cloud based debt recovery software, as a result our customers are seeing real benefits that have helped their businesses grow.

DebtView is a debt recovery software solution that scales with you as you grow and allows you to pay only for the services you use. With no hardware or software to install, cloud based Software-as-a-Service is the ideal solution.

So, what is the cloud? Well, it depends who you ask. There is no single definition of what it is, which can lead to misunderstanding or worse, misrepresentation. Our take on it is as follows:

“Cloud computing is the provision of computing across an inter-connected network, having the ability to scale resources up or down as demand requires.”

Put simply, software is provided as a service across the internet and the resources required to run it are increased or decreased when necessary. It is this automatic scaling that differentiates what we call ‘full cloud’ from traditional hosted solutions.

But what about the benefits? Well there are lots of them, here are a few of the benefits associated with our cloud service. For a start you won’t need an expensive server, or network infrastructure. You also don’t need to worry about maintenance, all the software patches and security updates are applied diligently by Microsoft engineers. Your data is securely backed up to at least one geographically disparate data centre, and in the event of a network or server failure the system seamlessly switches over to a standby. But the real benefit is in cost, you pay a fraction of the cost of hosting and maintaining your own hardware and software, yet you get enterprise class software and infrastructure support. Oh, and it’s green too. Because there are fewer servers involved, there’s less electricity consumed.

Is it secure? That depends partly on who you use to host your cloud service. We use Microsoft Azure, we think they are pioneering the cloud revolution, and like us they are passionate about the security of their customers’ data. Microsoft spend millions of pounds on security infrastructure and training for their employees each year, much more than the average business could afford. Their data centres and cloud platforms are, as you would expect ISO/IEC 27001:2005 compliant.

That said, some businesses will want or need to have higher levels of assurance or isolation. In these cases, a private cloud is ideal. Private cloud is exactly what it sounds like, cloud technology provisioned specifically for the private use of one entity.

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