Flexible Debt Collection Software

No matter how big or small your business, we have a Debt Collection Software package for you. DebtView supports small businesses with a single user, to multi-national corporates with hundreds to thousands of users. Our cloud debt collection software is simple to use, fast, reliable and dynamic. (See full details including online demos and main feature list here)

We have over 25 years experience working in the debt collection industry both operationally and writing software. So we understand the process, and we understand your challenges. We believe in a partnership approach with our customers. If you need something that DebtView currently doesn’t do, we will work with you to build it.

With fully configurable workflows and an intelligent Activity Engine which includes the ability to send automated emails, SMS messages and letters. DebtView takes care of the strategy while you focus on the negotiation. DebtView also includes a credit card module and an optional integration with a leading cloud based automated dialler.

DebtView is ideal for consumer or commercial debt collection and includes automatic calculation of statutory interest and late payment of commercial debts act compensation. Interest can be accrued on a daily basis and is applied per invoice so you have complete control.

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Visit our DebtView product site to learn more about DebtView including screen shots and product videos.
Product Site
Debt collection software in the cloud

Simple Debt Collection Software

Our ethos when building debt collection software is that it should be functional, easy to use and easy to learn. We have seen many examples of debt collections software that is crammed full of features you will never use, that only serve to make the entire system confusing and difficult to use.

DebtView is different. We have purposely built it modern and simple, implementing only the features that our customers really need. This allows us to keep the screen clutter to an absolute minimum. Our design goal is to create clean, functional screens that serve a specific purpose and are easy to use and navigate.

Our customers tell us that they love the design and find DebtView easy to use. In fact new customers typically only need a few hours training, which is usually delivered online.

Sign up to DebtView cloud based debt recovery today and see how it can simplify your life.

Reliable Debt Collection Software

Our servers are hosted in data centres around the globe and managed by professionally trained engineers. They take care of maintaining the infrastructure and connections so you don’t need to worry about them.

Data is stored in a SQL server database and is replicated across three separate servers, one of which is in a different data centre. In the event of a database failure, recovery is automatic and almost instant. In addition to automated replication, databases are continually backed up for extra piece of mind and point in time restores.

Our debt collection software is reliable too, with rigorous testing and QA procedures, we will never release software that could compromise your ability to operate.

Contact us today to find out more about our cloud based debt collection software – DebtView.

Debt Collection Software - DebtView
Debt Collection Software - increase your revenue

Dynamic Debt Collection Software

Apart from being cost effective, cloud computing brings many advantages. One of these advantages is the ability to rapidly scale when required. See this post for more details on Scaling DebtView.

Unlike traditional debt collection software, you are not constrained by the hardware or internal network you are running on.

Gone are the days when memory upgrades meant taking your entire system down. DebtView scales as your needs grow. If you need more power, we’ll supply it, with no disruption to you whatsoever. So, as your business grows, you don’t need to worry about your infrastructure, it’s all taken care of.

Similarly, if you start out on our standard plan and find that you need more advanced features as you grow, it’s a simple process to purchase add-on modules or upgrade to the next level.

Contact us today to find out more about scalable cloud based debt collection.

Integrated Debt Collection Partners

We have partnered with some of the industry’s major players to bring you exciting features. For example; we have a credit/debit card integration that allows you to take card payments directly from within the case you are dealing with. You can also send SMS messages and receive replies from customers to facilitate two way communication with your debtors, as well as advanced email integration that includes email tracking, analytics and more. Letters can be printed locally or sent to our mail fulfilment partner for cost effective and hassle free delivery. For larger debt collection agencies, DebtView has an integrated cloud based dialler. In fact we were the first debt collection software provider in the UK to offer this integration out of the box.

International Debt Collection

With data centres around the world, we can provide debt collection software just about anywhere. We currently have customers in the UK, USA and Europe. Supported industries include consumer and commercial debt collection, asset repossession, rent arrears, payday loans, car insurance and many more. DebtView automatically adjusts to the local culture, displaying dates and currencies in the correct format.

With data centres in 34 regions around the globe, including US DoD & US Government approved data centres we can host DebtView pretty much anywhere in the world. The German data centres provide services under a data trustee model. Customer data remains in Germany under the control of T-Systems International GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, acting as the German data trustee.

Get your Debt Collection Software Today

We believe that DebtView is the most efficient and cost effective debt collection software available anywhere! With no upfront costs or ongoing maintenance fees, we can provide you with professional debt collection software in the cloud, for just a few pounds per day.

If you are a small debt collection business looking to take the step up from working from spread sheets, or a larger debt collection agency considering replacing or upgrading your existing debt collection software, give us a call. We would love to hear from you and can arrange a no commitment online demo to show you what we can do. If you decide to give us a go, we can have you up and running in just a few hours. There is no long term commitment; you pay per month (unless you would prefer a longer contract) and can cancel at any time.

Contact us today to discuss your debt collection needs, and we can arrange an online demo. Don’t forget you can view our DebtView Product Site for more detailed information including screen shots, videos and more.