Cloud based debt recovery software

15th October 2012

Dynamic Cloud Based Debt Recovery Software

Indigo Cloud is proud to announce the release of their cloud debt recovery software. DebtView is the UK’s first commercially available 100% cloud based Debt Recovery system.

National and international Debt Recovery Agencies looking to move to the next generation of debt recovery software. With a simple subscription model users pay a fixed monthly cost with no upfront investment, and no long term commitments. You simply pay for what you use. Now, even the smallest business can afford enterprise level Debt Recovery systems.

With over 25 years experience in the debt recovery industry, we have seen it all. We have built case management systems, reporting systems, data warehouses and many client interfaces for some of the UK’s biggest and best debt recovery agencies. We have taken all of that knowledge, and reinvented the way debt collection systems are built and managed.

We designed DebtView from scratch, with one concept in mind, simplicity. We believe the key to successful debt recovery software is not how complex a workflow is, it’s how easy it is to manage that matters. We have developed a simple yet effective workflow engine that is extensible and open. In fact the entire system is configurable, allowing you to define almost every aspect of the Debt Recovery process. But DebtView is more than just debt recovery software, it’s a platform.

The DebtView platform connects all the disparate parts of the Debt industry, so that creditors can interact directly with Debt Collection Agencies, Debtors can manage their own data and payment plans, Advice Centres can monitor and manage multiple debts, and small businesses can benefit from the economies of scale that give them access to professional Debt Recovery Services at an affordable cost. Powered by Windows Azure and SQL Azure, DebtView runs entirely in the Cloud. This means there is no hardware to purchase, install or maintain, in fact, all that is required is a browser and an Internet connection. Windows Azure offers unrivalled security and availability with built in disaster recovery.

The DebtView Debt Recovery system is always available, always secure, and always works. With geo-redundant data centres, your data is protected no matter what. Of course, just because DebtView is a Cloud based system, doesn’t mean it has to live in the Cloud. If you have regulatory requirements or existing hardware that means you would rather run DebtView internally, that’s fine, we can bring the Cloud to you. By creating a private Cloud inside your network we can effectively run the entire system internally on your network, it’s your choice.

Why not move your debt recovery system to the Cloud? We can have you up and running with a complete system in less than an hour. So give us a call today on 07812 021518 or email [email protected] to find out just how easy it is to revolutionise your Debt Recovery business.