Project Description

There a numerous benefits to moving to a cloud model, including:

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Removed responsibility for server and system maintenance/patching
  • Reducing your responsibilities for adhering to particular compliance standards
  • Increasing your agility to integrate and enhance your system’s features and behaviour
  • Simple access to thousands of services and products such as AI, Social Media Adapters, Simple integration, workflows and much more
  • Global access to your systems.

Moving to the cloud, especially if you are an established organisation with existing systems and hardware assets can be a challenge. This package looks to provide a roadmap for moving your business to the cloud. Whether you need to migrate your existing applications, integrate on-premise to cloud services or configure your network, we can define a roadmap to define, prioritise and plan the steps you will need to take.

Package Activities


Understand challenges and aspirations

Our first step is to fully understand your existing business, what you do, how you do it and where you want to go. A cloud migration strategy is a strategic activity and understanding your underlying business and motivations is key to influencing the most appropriate way forward. We will run a number of workshops, whiteboard sessions and group discussion to get as deep as we can to understanding your needs and requirements.

Current Landscape Analysis

How do you work today

This phase looks at your current business processes and procedures and the applications that support them. During this phase we will document and build a system-to-procedure matrix. The matrix helps us idetify risk due to system impact as we evolve the landscape.


Define migration steps

With a knowledge of the business and the key drivers to move forward together with the results from the current evaluation, we can now start to define key activities and products that will move you towards your goal in a cloud environment.


Prioritise with more information

As we learn more about your vision, your current state and what is needed to move from one to the other, we often see priorities change as more information becomes available. Sometimes unseen activities like infrastructure configuration or system upgrades become a higher priority due to them being core dependencies for other activities. Likewise some identified activities that were first thought to be higher in the priority are seen as less so once we see other benefits emerge on our journey through the migration plan. For these reasons we keep the prioritisation process behind our investigation and analysis so we make our decisions with solid information and a broader understanding of the pros and cons of cloud implementations for your organisation/situation.


Documenting the roadmap

Having undertaken the analysis, investigation and business prioritisation, the final phase is to write the cloud migration roadmap and present it to you.