Project Description

We live in a highly connected world and integration is more important now than ever. Connecting your systems can be challenging but very rewarding to your business. There are many reasons why you might want to connect systems and platforms, the following are examples of some common drivers:

  • Automating notifications out to social media platforms
  • Synchronising customer, financial and external web site information to support your customers online needs
  • Moving information to a central location for reporting and shared application use
  • Automating a business process across multiple systems
  • Providing integration endpoints for your external business partners and customers

Package Activities


What do you need to connect

We need to understand exactly what you need to connect. There are many options for integration. The timeliness , security requirements and scope of information is important to understand upfront. At this stage we may also need to talk to 3rd party vendors if the application or service you need to integrate is owned by or maintained externally.

Solution Options

Show you the appropriate options

There are many ways to integrate systems and platforms. We will document a set of options for you along with their pros and cons. We work through these with you to agree on the most appropriate solution.

Define a Test Plan

Describe the integration success criteria

Before building we will define a test plan to outline the integration scenarios being covred and the expected behavour under various test conditions for each.


Build the integration

Where possible we will utilize exiting tools and services to integrate your solutions. This phase involves the configuration and where necessary programming to build your integration.


Test your integration

Testing is a large part of integration. Here we ensure the success criteria is met for all scoped scenarios and reworked where any parts fail. We look to build in testing as part of our build phase also.


Perpare your new integration for production

Having passed all success criteria, this phase includes installing and configuring your live environment with your new integrations. we also provide documentation for the integration components and monitor and control mechanisms implemented.