Project Description

The discovery package is an excellent choice to help set you up on your project. If you are starting out on an initiative and you want to gain a clear understanding of what you need and your options, the discovery package will get you on track.

Package Activities


What do you want?

We beleive one of the nost important (and often underestimated) parts of any project is having a clear vision of what you want to acheive from a business / process perspective. Having this discussion early without any technical influence allows us to understand exactly what you want from a solution and allows us to provide the most appropriote and impartial options.


Where you are

Through interviews and analysis, we can understand how you currently work and the systems/processes you currently use. Gaining information about existing challenges as well as existing efficiencies then allows us to undertake the appropriate gap analysis bewteen what you have and what you want.


Define a Solution

Having understood what you want and where you are, this phase involves us using the information we have to provide a set of solution options along with the relevant pros and cons associated to each.


Walk through

Having completed the above steps, we run a full presentation on our findings and recommendations. In addition you will receive a full analysis and recommendations report.