Project Description


Reviewing an existing application

Many organisations have different applications to support their business, whether they are developed in house or by a third party vendor. The evaluate package is designed to help you understand more about a given application or code base.

There are different reasons you might want to review an existing application. Some of the most common are :

  • Understand what would be involved in migrating to the cloud.
  • To document the underlying logic (often when original developers are no longer available)
  • Evaluate and understand how the application could be integrated with other running applications in your organisation

Whatever the reason, the evaluate package will be built to output the answers you are looking for.

Package Activities


What do you need to know

As with most packages we will begin with a short session to understand exactly what you need to know.

Code Review

Review the code and/or system configuration

Depending on whether you require information about an application’s internal design or if you need details about its deployment or how its configured we will review what is necessary and document our findings.


Describe our findings

You will receive a report tailored to your evaluation needs. We will also walk through these finding to you as a prsentation.