Project Description

Software development proof of concept

Building new applications and systems can take time and of course can be expensive. Sometimes you can experience new problems and challenges as you start to build your new product. Building a slim version of your intended solution is a great way to prove the idea out as well as provide a real example for your business peers who may still require some further clarity/confidence on what you want to achieve.

The proof of concept package is intended to provide you with a way to build out a slim version of your full product. Allowing you to spend a fraction of the price but gain valuable insights into the benefits and challenges of a full implementation. You can expect a working product at the end of this process which you can use to evaluate the benefits, sell the idea to your peers and even use as an early release. Having something tangible like a working application is also very powerful in getting early adoption and input around your ideas. It is also an effective way to flesh out early issues and problems.

Package Activities


What do you want?

First we need to know what you want. It is important for us to understand why and what you want to aceheive as well as who will use the new solution and how they will interact with it.


Trim the scope

In order to provide an effective proof of concept application we need to build the features which really showcase your solution and provide the highest impact to your intended audience. Here we will breakdown what you need and agree on the features which can be built and delivered within a short timescale, generally weeks.


Create your vision

Next we start our build process. This will be a rapid development phase to build out the agreed features. Even in short projects we maintain a close relationship with you , we will be in constant contact to ensure the features are as expected and being built in the appropriate order.


Your product

Finally we deliver a working product. Along with a full presentation explainig our process and the end result. The end product may be used as a demo only but may also be used as an early release of you solution , ready to be evolved to the full solution.