Project Description

Vizitr – Field Agent App


Vizitr is an app designed to work in conjunction with DebtView to provide case details to your field based agents. Cases are assigned to agents in DebtView using the Agent Management process. The app contains a set of fixed screens for managing case lists and basic case details, plus a ‘visit’ screen where you can define your own fields/questions for data collection. Responses are posted back to DebtView immediately.

The app is available in iOS and Android versions and can be downloaded from the respective app stores.

Once installed, the user will need to authorise the device before being able to log on following this procedure:

  1. Administrator must create a DebtView user for the agent, with the role of ‘Agent App’ and a unique email address. This email address is used to send the authorisation code to the user.
  2. In Settings, Integrations open the Agent App tab and select the user from the list of agents.
    Click the ‘Send Invitation’ button.
  3. A 6 digit code is emailed to the user for authorisation.
  4. When the agent receives the code, they enter it into the Authorise Device field
  5. Once authorised, the agent must login to the app with their regular DebtView username and password


  • Search open cases by Account Ref or Postcode
  • Select case from open cases list
  • View name, address and debt details for the selected case
  • View case history notes from DebtView
  • Add a new note
  • Create a new visit
  • Record details of the visit using custom data fields and selection lists
  • Add one or more photo’s using the phone camera
  • Record a payment
  • Print documents attached to the case
  • Set up an instalment plan

We are still working on the final version prior to release, please check back here periodically for updates including full user guides and screen shots.


Support is available Monday – Friday during UK working hours using the helpdesk options provided to you in your DebtView contract.

Contact us for more information.