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DebtView Dropbox Connector

Integrated Debt Collection and DropBox Our new Dropbox connector for DebtView has been released and has been very well received by our existing Customers.  DebtView is a Debt Collection Solution and is flexible enough to support a very wide range of collection and recovery scenarios for many types of businesses, such as; unpaid fine recovery, [...]

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Get Started With DebtView

Getting Started With DebtView Collection Software DebtView is a cloud based debt collection system. It's easy to get started : Step 1 Call (01789 336200) or EMail Indigo Cloud and ask to see the full flexibility and power of the platform. Step 2 Once you have seen what DebtView can do for your organization and want to move [...]

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10 Reasons to use Debt-View as your enterprise collection solution

DebtView - The Enterprise Collection Solution DebtView is a cloud based debt recovery solution which provides a full featured collection solution for both legal and pre-legal activities. DebtView is aimed at collection agencies and companies with their own collection departments, providing an intuitive, easy to access and scalable solution for your teams. DebtView is the [...]

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Cloud Computing

Are you Ready for the Cloud Revolution? What exactly is ‘the cloud’ and can it really deliver on its promise to revolutionise the way we do business? At Indigo Cloud, we believe it can. We developed the UK’s first fully cloud based debt recovery software, as a result our customers are seeing real benefits that have [...]

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