DebtView – The Enterprise Collection Solution

DebtView is a cloud based debt recovery solution which provides a full featured collection solution for both legal and pre-legal activities. DebtView is aimed at collection agencies and companies with their own collection departments, providing an intuitive, easy to access and scalable solution for your teams. DebtView is the perfect fit for you enterprise collection solution.

The following describes 10 reasons why DebtView is an excellent choice for your recovery solution:

Top 10

1 – Operational Efficiency

DebtView has been built from the ground up to support collection agencies and departments in their collection activities to maximise the amount recovered from bad debt or arrears cases. Simple and intuitive workflow management makes it easy to build custom flows to suit your varying debt types.

DebtView allows you to be proactive in prompting debtors and your external agents, resulting in high recovery percentages in less time and with less financial outlay, complimenting your overall digital strategy for operational efficiencies.

2 – User Centric

DebtView provides users with simple and elegant screen flows allowing for an intuitive and satisfying user experience. A great deal of emphasis has been placed on building a solution that makes sense, resulting in user satisfaction and reduced training costs and time, another key objective to implementing an effective digital strategy.

3- Accessibility

DebtView is a cloud based solution hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and is accessible through any modern browser. Your agents can work on or off site, across multiple offices and even in different continents. No need for heavy weight VPN access or company specific hardware to run the application. Functionality is also available via an API for full integration with your existing systems.

4 – Cost Efficient

DebtView is licensed per user per month and the cost is extremely competitive. The subscription model for user access allows you to utilise the power of DebtView at a scale that suits your needs. We have seen collection departments and agencies grow from single users to large collection departments in the space of 12 months, adding users as their team grows provides a low risk affordable way to build your team. 

5 -No Maintenance

One of the major benefits of a cloud solution is the hand off of any hardware or software maintenance and up-keep associated to the solution. You have no need to worry about server patching, licenses or product versioning. This is taken care of for you, you simply use the service.

 6- Scalable

Depending on your usage trends and number of users per subscription we are able to fully scale your DebtView instance. Allowing for a hassle free future and an application architecture which scales as you need it.

7 -Flexible Licensing

Due to the subscription model of DebtView you have no need to layout a large amount of money to purchase a full solution, you simply buy as many user licenses as you need and pay on a month by month basis. You can increase or decrease each month as your needs evolve over time.

8 -Secure

DebtView has been built with security as a priority, in addition to the secure nature of the application itself, Microsoft Data Centers are subject to the highest level of information and process security.

9 -Out the box disaster recovery

Due to the cloud based nature of the solution, your DebtView instance is automatically replicated for redundancy and in the case of a disaster, you can be sure your data will not be lost and your people can work without disruption.

10 – Collaborative

Whether in the office, working from home or on the road, DebtView is available to your physical and virtual teams.  Work can be allocated across virtual teams so collection agents have clear direction on the accounts they are responsible for at all times.


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