DebtView is the most flexible cloud based debt collection software on the market. We support any industry and can build bespoke customisation without writing any code.


With an elegant, uncluttered design and with regular updates, your people will always be able to do what they need quickly and efficiently, with minimal training.


Can your provider guarantee you additional capacity when it’s required? DebtView can scale up or down on demand and instantly. You will never run out of resources on the DebtView platform.

DebtView is the most cost effective and flexible cloud based debt collection software available. With over 160 data centres in 60+ locations worldwide and fully culture and multi-currency aware, DebtView can serve you wherever you are.

Why Choose DebtView?

Our flagship product, DebtView, is cloud based debt collection software re-imagined. Our software was designed and built from the ground up with the latest technology and tools. We can host your service in any one of our 160+ global data centres, including US DoD and Government approved data centres. Get more details about our security and compliance offerings.

We give you the features you need to automate and streamline your debt collection process. With a fully automated workflow process and integrated email, SMS and letter printing (via fulfilment centre if required), you can contact your customers seconds after loading cases.

Read our debt collection articles to learn more about us, our software and why we think the cloud is the future.

  • Free support

    Free business hours support is included with every plan.

  • Free Updates

    All of our feature updates and fixes are delivered free of charge and without downtime, meaning you can continue to work uninterrupted.

  • Cloud by Design

     Deployed to run in the cloud you have no need for internal hardware, operating system or database license costs.
  • Secure

    Each of the 38 global data centres are staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days a week by Microsoft trained and qualified security personnel, and are amongst the most secure in the world.

Comments from some of our customers:

Mark worked setting up our systems when we moved offices. I have to say, his understanding of our needs was above what we expected. He was hands-on and readily available at all times.

We have changed our minds on a number of these regarding our collection practices and Mark has adjusted our systems to suit our every need. We will most definitely be using Mark again due to his expertise in his field.

We have been using DebtView since July ’14. It’s a system that is simple to use, thus making it simple to train others to use it also.

The developers are always willing to listen to feedback in order to help make improvements to the product and are keen to build a successful long-running relationship.

My company has been using the DebtView program by Indigo-Cloud for about a year now and I am very impressed with the ease of use. The program developers are very interactive and pay close attention to our needs.

There are constant improvements being made to the program, and all requests are considered. I Could not be happier with the functionality and overall results.

Since we started using the bulk printing process using the document centre and just on the generation of the documents, the time has been reduced by around 75%. The overall process takes about 10% of the time it used to as there’s little interaction required from staff, just a couple of clicks, and it’s all done in the background. 

The scanned correspondence and appeal response upload process has been another huge time saver. Before the additions, we were scanning items to email, saving the PDF, uploading the PDF to DebtView, writing and printing the response, and then uploading that to DebtView too. All in all, the guys were getting about 8-10 items dealt with in a day. The new process is so streamlined that they can get through 40-50 items which is like six times more!! 

Super happy with it!

A selection of our customers

Admiral car insurance debt collection

DebtView is packed full of exciting features, click here to see more

Who are we?

Indigo Cloud Limited is a leading UK-based provider of cloud-based debt collection software. In addition to our core product, DebtView, we provide support services, software tools, consultancy and training for the debt recovery industry.

Established in 2012, we have been designing, building and maintaining our solutions in the cloud since day one. We were early adopters of this technology, having released our first cloud-based debt collection system just six months after Microsoft Azure was generally available to the public. Indigo Cloud was the first company in the UK to deliver cloud-based debt recovery software and one of the first in the world.

We provide affordable subscription-based debt recovery solutions and support services to any industry, no matter how small or large and wherever you are.

Call us today on 01789 610520 or book a no-obligation online demo to see how we can revolutionise your business by helping you move to the cloud.

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Mobile Ready Cloud Based Debt Collection Software

DebtView has been developed with the latest web-based technology and is responsive by design. Every screen automatically resizes to fit the device in use. From a 60″ Television to a smartphone, DebtView will not only look great whilst allowing you to do what you need to with a minimum of fuss.

As well as the standard collector screens, we have developed several phone ready screens for specific purposes such as doorstep enquiries, issuing of parking tickets and more. Your clients can access a dedicated client portal whilst on the move.

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